Springtime (and writing time) in the Rockies

It’s a typical spring in Utah.  Just last week we had a single day that changed from rain to sun to hail to blizzard to sun to rain…  I’m to the point that if I don’t even plan what to wear any more, I just dress in layers and peel or add them back again as needed–and I love it!  Have I mentioned before that this is my favorite time of year?

I’ve begun writing one of the books contracted to Berkley.  The working title is Desperado and I am in love, love, love with my characters.  The hero, Elam Taggart, is a wounded veteran, a widower, and a rancher who has closed himself off from much of the world.  The heroine, P.D. (Prairie Dawn) Raines, is a no-holds-barred free spirit who is determined to draw Elam back into the world of the living.  I have always enjoyed writing deeply emotional stories, and Desperado is right up my alley.

This will also be the first in a trilogy based around my own home town here in Northern Utah.  As many of you know, my husband Wade operates about 10,000 acres of land along with his brother.  They are the third or fourth generation to run these properties.  Maybe that’s why I love spring so much.  With us, everything revolves around the cycles of the season.  Right now, Wade and his brother are eager to begin drilling and planting, but the ground is too wet for some of the heavier equipment.  That means that I have my husband around for a little while longer before he begins working 18 hour days.

The other day, I had a meeting in another town, so I took my computer, left home really early, and found a spot to sit and write in the sunshine.  Heaven!  My characters must have enjoyed the outing as well, because I was able to finish almost an entire chapter before I had to rendezvous with my colleagues.  I definitely need to carve out a little spot in the yard to do the same thing at home.  But…I won’t even go into the problems with my yard.  Probably, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate because my yard is horrible–and I have a brown thumb.  I would go so far as to say I have the Kiss of Death where plants are concerned.  And it doesn’t help that Lili, our little miniature goat, loves the taste of flowers.  As soon as I plant them, she will eat all of the blossoms.  Not the whole plant, just the blossoms.  (Sigh.)  Right now, she’s decided her favorite place to park herself is on the emerging tulip plants.  (Double sigh.)

Oh, well.  I’ll have to find a park somewhere to write.  Or maybe I can borrow someone else’s back yard…