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It’s two weeks until the launching of AFTER THE FALL, the next in my series of Women of War, and I’m so behind on all my social media, that I’ve decided I need to make this book release a special event with special posts and prizes. I have goody bags, and items that I brought back from NYC, so keep checking back each day for your chance to win!

This Saturday, I’ll be having a drawing for one of the promotional goody bags that I assembled to advertise my books during the National NYC Romance Writer’s Convention. These items flew out of the Goody Room. Within 2 days, they were gone–and that was after rationing them. Luckily, I kept a few at home.

If you’d like to enter,  go to www.facebook.com/lisabinghamauthor.   “Like” my author page and send me a PM saying “I like your page!” Winner will be drawn at random from those who have entered by 12:00 Midnight, MDT. That person will be notified by personal message. (This drawing is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.)

I hope you win!

AFTER THE FALL Soon to be Released!

Only two weeks until the release of AFTER THE FALL,!  I’m so behind on my social media, that I haven’t even officially released the cover art on my website yet.  Yikes!  So to make things up to my wonderful fans, I’m going to be hosting a ton of special posts and giveaways.

But first….drum roll, please.  Here’s the beautiful artwork designed by my team at Diversion Books.

After the Fall_approved

With Into the Storm, Lisa Bingham wove a spellbinding romance set during the Blitz. Now, she turns her eye to the Pacific in a gorgeous WWII tale of courage, fear, and love on an island doomed to fall.

In the dawn of WWII, the Philippines is a haven for those intent on shedding their pasts and reinventing themselves.  Lt. Riley Gilhouley—The Great Gilhouley–keeps the troops well-stocked in contraband even as he seeks the attention of Maj. Rosemary Dodd, a by-the-book officer who leads her nurses with expert care.  John Macklin, an ex-priest and survivor of Nanking, searches for absolution, but finds himself tangling with Glory Bee O’Halloran, a stripper hired to take off just enough clothing to throw the troops into a frenzy.

Mere hours after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Japanese attack the Philippines, intent on creating a toehold in the Pacific.  As Luzon explodes in the chaos of battle, two impossible relationships will be formed, tested, and threatened.

Thrown from the passion of Gilhouley’s arms into the hellacious realities of war, Rosemary begins to question everything she’d once held dear.  Yet, even as their stolen moments together blossom into something more, the hurried retreat and Gilhouley’s secret missions behind enemy lines threaten to end what has only begun.

Trapped, Glory Bee has nowhere to run, putting herself and her secret, unborn child in danger.  All too quickly, the only thing separating her from the advancing enemy is a fallen priest with a haunted past who promises to keep her safe.  But even as the two of them are drawn together in a desperate bid for survival, John knows his growing love for Glory Bee is at odds with his need to strike back at an old enemy.

Set amid the heartbreak of a besieged country and the American forces that wait in vain for help to arrive, this stunning novel blends a meticulous eye for history with limitless heart. Bingham, a master of the genre, has penned a novel that will stand the test of time.

To preorder AFTER THE FALL, click on the “ganxy” link below.