Would You Wear It Wednesday


In a world where we can take, save, and send a pictures with a few touches of the finger, it’s hard to remember a time where such tokens were not only rare, but a luxury.


Before the invention of the camera made photographs available to the masses, tiny miniature portraits were commissioned by those wishing a facsimile of a loved-one’s face.


These paintings were often mounted into jewelry and worn next to the heart.


 The detail of the artwork is amazing, and for the most part, the paintings are very flattering.


  Of course, I’m sure if an artist wanted to keep his commission, he would do his best to play up his subject’s attractiveness. If only the same could be said of most DMV photographers.

Happy Release Day for RENEGADE!

Renegade jpg

It’s here, it’s here!  Renegade is now available from all major booksellers, and it’s being showered with great reviews–among them, Romantic Times gave Renegade 4 1/2 stars and named it the Hot Pick for January.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this book possible, especially my fans and supporters.  And since Renegade’s release happens to coincide with the twenty-third wedding anniversary for me and my husband, thanks to my own leading man.

Happy New Year and a New Release!

Renegade jpg

Happy New Year to one and All!  I don’t know about you, but after the hectic few months leading up to the holidays, I’m feeling a bursting energy for a new year and new beginnings.  Since I was in charge of Thanksgiving for nearly 40 people, I promised myself that I’d take November and December off from writing and concentrate on my family.  But now I’m rip roaring to get back into the swing of things.  My creative juices are flowing and my fingers are itching to write again.

To make the beginning of 2016 even more exciting, I’ll be starting out the year with a new release.  Renegade, the second book in the Taggart Brothers series will be released on January 5th!  This is a really special novel to me and I can’t wait to introduce it to the world, so I’ve decided to lead up to its release with give-aways and special posts–so check back often for your chance to win, excerpts from the book, recipes, and lots of fun facts about me, my writing routines, and Renegade.

If you’d like to preorder Renegade, you can do so from any of your favorite booksellers.