Would You Wear It Wednesday – Met Blog


Oftentimes, we look back on the past and insist to ourselves that we’ve become much more civilized and “modern” in our views of fashion.  After all, we’re not trying to lead our lives in stays, corsets, hoops, or bustles.  But are we any more practical than our grandmothers and great-grandmothers?

Not so fast…

Check out this great student blog featured on the Met website and see how women are still trying to “attain the unattainable.”  Then, decide…would you wear the corset circa 1876?  The Jean Paul Gaultier evening ensemble from spring/summer 2001?


As for me?  Mmm…yes.  And….if I had the body for it, yes.  But I fear I’d probably be the idiot who would catch my heel in all those laces, trip down the stairs, and break my neck.

Down Syndrome Awareness Day – Lots of Socks


I don’t know how many of you are aware of it, but today is Down Syndrome Awareness Day.  During my many years as a teacher, it has been my pleasure to teach students of all ages and abilities.  But I have to say, that the students I’ve taught who have special physical and developmental needs have a soft spot in my heart.  Sometimes, I wonder how so much sweetness and love can be contained in such fragile little bodies.

That’s why, on their behalf, I’d like to ask a favor.  Somehow, in our American culture, some people have decided that it’s acceptable to use the “R” word in casual conversation–usually as a pejorative comment.  As a teacher, I’ve seen the unkind practice rising among our teenagers in the last year or two.  Please, please…if you have children or work with young people, give them a head’s up that the “R” word is no more acceptable than any other racial or negative slur.  My sweet little friends at school would thank you for your help.

For more information on Down Syndrome Awareness Day, check out #lots of socks on twitter, or go to this link: https://worlddownsyndromeday.org/lots-of-socks




In Celebration of Spring…A New Cover!

As many of you know, I spend my days teaching ninth graders, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see Winter Trimester over and Spring Trimester underway.  Winter Tri is dedicated to teaching my students to write argumentative essays, informational essays, and research papers.  I love encouraging my students to write, but with first drafts, second drafts, final drafts, then revised drafts, I figure I’ve read more than 1500 essays and research papers in 13 weeks.   Yikes!

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m proud of my students.  This year, they have caught on quick and their papers are fantastic!  Their final research papers are probably better than I’ve seen in my career for new writers.  But my eyes are wear– and reading nothing but formal writing puts a dent in my own creative juices.

Thankfully, with a new trimester starting and spring has arrived.  For the next thirteen weeks, I get to teach, among other things, figurative language, poetry, and drama.  Even better, I’ll be teaching Shakespeare (Bill and I are buds).  All that lovely literature helps me to focus a little more on my own creativity in my off hours.  That means, I’ll be the one doing the writing.

So to celebrate, here’s a peek at my new cover for my upcoming novel Maverick, the third book in the Taggart Brothers Series, which will be released November, 2016.  I know, I know!  It’s a long time to wait, and I’m bummed by that too.  But you can preorder Maverick now on Amazon or any of your other favorite retailers.  And I promise to help you pass the time.  I’m overhauling my website and amping up my blog.  In the next few weeks, I’ll host giveaways, post recipes of those dishes mentioned in my books, and offer you an off-beat look at the life of a slightly twisted writer, teacher, farmer’s wife, and hopeless romantic.

So here’s as promised, here’s a peek at Bodey’s cover.  Swoon and enjoy!

Lisa Bingham