Maverick Update – Book Three of the Taggart Brothers


Yesterday, I finished going through the copyedited version of MAVERICK and sent it back to my editor.  It’s always interesting to me what a copy editor focuses on in a manuscript.  I’ve had some copy editors who want to completely rewrite the book, and I’ve had others who go through the manuscript with a light hand.

With Maverick, I didn’t have too many edits.  This copy editor didn’t like the use of commas between independent clauses, and I’m okay with that.  She caught a couple of places where I needed to clarify and some apostrophe mistakes (oops.)

I’m grateful for copyedits and those who help me polish my work.  Even better, by the time the copyedits come to me, the manuscript has cooled enough that I’m able to find those little nitpicky items that affect the flow of the work or, as in the case of Maverick, I found a whopper of a mistake in description that no one else had noticed.  Yikes!

The next step for MAVERICK is when I get the galleys and I’m able to see what the printed pages of the book will look like.  I can’t wait!  Then, after that, it’s ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) and finally, the finished novel. (It’s already available for pre-order, if you’d like to check out your favorite online retailers.)

Thanks to everyone who has helped me to get this far!  I have been able to work with some wonderful editors, marketing people, and artists at Berkley for the Taggart Brothers series, and I’m so appreciative of their expertise and professionalism.