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Recent and Soon-To-Be Released Novels

Historical Women’s Fiction

Into the Storm (WWII Epic) – Diversion Books (March 31, 2015)

After the Fall (WWII Epic) – Diversion Books (August 1, 2015)



Desperado (A Taggart Brothers Novel, Book #1) – Berkley Books (June 2, 2015)

Renegade (A Taggart Brothers Novel, Book #2) – Berkley Books (January, 2016)

Maverick (A Taggart Brothers Novel, Book #3) – Berkley Books (November, 2016)


Press Release – Into the Storm

Into the Storm_approved

“Lisa Bingham is a master storyteller.” —Affaire de Coeur


A sweeping romantic WWII saga about two women fighting for the loves of their lives while facing the terror of war, the bitter heartbreak of distance, and the thrilling anticipation of reunion.

RueAnn Boggs lives a quiet life in Washington, D.C., a city very different from her rural West Virginia hometown. As war breaks out in Europe, she meets Charles Tolliver, a handsome Brit with a secret job, and in the course of twenty-four hours, RueAnn is swept off her feet—seduced, wed, and then left by dashing Charlie, who hastily departs for an assignment in England. When weeks go by and she hears nothing from her new husband, RueAnn becomes determined to find out if she’s a wife in name only, and she travels to London for answers. But what she finds there is not at all what she expects…

Londoner Susan Blunt has spent her life staying put, retreating into her books while her vivacious twin sister, Sara, lives life to the fullest. The start of the war hasn’t stopped vibrant Sara from collecting a throng of beaus in uniform, including Paul Overdone, an RAF pilot heading for the front. When Sara pressures Susan into switching places and going to a dance with Paul, Susan reluctantly agrees. Little does Susan know that a single night is more than enough time to fall deeply in love with Paul—who returns her ardor, even though he thinks she is someone else…

When the Blitz begins and bombs start raining down on London, both RueAnn and Susan must find the strength and courage they never knew they had in order to survive. They form a friendship out of the city’s ashes, one that helps them weather the storm as they wait for news from the front—from the men they love, have lost, and hope desperately to find once more.

Set against the backdrop of a remarkable era, Into the Storm brilliantly explores relationships in wartime, when the passion shared in just one day could sustain love for a lifetime and the love borne of one night’s deception could become the truth that saves a life.

ISBN Print: 9781626816985

ISBN EBook: 9781626816992



Novels Written by Lisa

Historical Women’s Fiction

Into the Storm (WWII Epic, The Blitz) – Diversion Books (March 31, 2015)

After the Fall (WWII Epic, The Philippines) – Diversion Books (August 1, 2015)



Desperado (A Taggart Brothers Novel, Book #1) – Berkley Books (June 2, 2015)

Renegade (A Taggart Brothers Novel, Book #2) – Berkley Books (January, 2016)

Maverick (A Taggart Brothers Novel, Book #3) – Berkley Books (September, 2016)

The Miracle Twins, Harlequin American, August 2004

Twins Times Two, Harlequin American, August 2001

Call of the Wild, Harlequin Duets, April 2001

Man Behind the Voice, Harlequin Intrigue, July 2000

When Night Draws Near, Harlequin Intrigue, October 1999

And Babies Make Ten, Harlequin American, June 1999

The Frog and the Princess, Harlequin American, July 1997

Harlequin Love & Laughter, May 1997

Dana and the Calendar Man, Harlequin American, January 1997

The Daddy Hunt, Harlequin American, October 1996

The Butler and the Bachelorette, Harlequin American, May 1996

Nanny Jake, Harlequin American, September 1995



*Silken Promises, Diversion, January, 2014

*Silken Dreams, Diversion, January, 2014

*The Bengal Rubies, Diversion, January, 2014

*Temptation’s Kiss, Diversion, January, 2014

*Distant Thunder, Diversion, January, 2014

The Other Groom, Harlequin Historical, October 2003

The Other Bride, Harlequin Historical, May 2003

Wild Masquerade, The Wild Trilogy, Book III, Pocket Books, October 1997

Wild Serenade, The Wild Trilogy, Book II, Pocket Books, June 1997 The Runner-Up Bride,

Wild Escapade, The Wild Trilogy, Book I, Pocket Books, October 1996

Sweet Decadence, St. Charles Trilogy, Book III, Pocket, April 1996

Sweet Defiance, St. Charles Trilogy, Book II, Pocket, July 1995

Sweet Dalliance, St. Charles Trilogy, Book I, Pocket, October 1994

Silken Promises, Pocket, March 1994

Silken Dreams, Pocket, February 1991

The Bengal Rubies, Pocket Books, 1993

Temptation’s Kiss, Pocket, November 1992

Distant Thunder, Pocket, January 1992

Eden Creek, Pocket, August 1991

Tender Conquest, Avon, March, 1989

*Reissued in digital form


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