Other Titles by Lisa Bingham

Maverick, Berkley Books, November 2016

Renegade, Berkley Books, January 2016

After the Fall, Diversion Books, August 2015

Desperado, Berkley Books, Jun 2015

Into the Storm, Diversion Books, March 2015

Silken Dreams, Diversion Books, January 2014
Silken Promises, Diversion Books, January 2014
Temptation’s Kiss, Diversion Books, January 2014
Eden Creek, Diversion Books, January 2014
Bengal Rubies, Diversion Books, January 2014
Tempation’s Kiss, Diversion Books, January 2014
The Miracle Twins, Harlequin American, August 2004
The Other Groom, Harlequin Historical, October 2003
The Other Bride, Harlequin Historical, May 2003
Twins Times Two, Harlequin American, August 2001
Call of the Wild, Harlequin Duets, April 2001
Man Behind the Voice, Harlequin Intrigue, July 2000
When Night Draws Near, Harlequin Intrigue, October 1999
And Babies Make Ten, Harlequin American, June 1999
Wild Masquerade, The Wild Trilogy, Book III, Pocket Books, October 1997
The Frog and the Princess, Harlequin American, July 1997
Wild Serenade, The Wild Trilogy, Book II, Pocket Books, June 1997
The Runner-Up Bride, Harlequin Love & Laughter, May 1997
Dana and the Calendar Man, Harlequin American, January 1997
Wild Escapade, The Wild Trilogy, Book I, Pocket Books, October 1996
The Daddy Hunt, Harlequin American, October 1996
The Butler and the Bachelorette, Harlequin American, May 1996
Sweet Decadence, St. Charles Trilogy, Book III, Pocket, April 1996
Nanny Jake, Harlequin American, September 1995
Sweet Defiance, St. Charles Trilogy, Book II, Pocket, July 1995
Sweet Dalliance, St. Charles Trilogy, Book I, Pocket, October 1994
Silken Promises, Pocket, March 1994
Silken Dreams, Pocket, February 1991
The Bengal Rubies, Pocket Books, 1993
Temptation’s Kiss, Pocket, November 1992
Distant Thunder, Pocket, January 1992
Eden Creek, Pocket, August 1991
Tender Conquest, Avon, March, 1989